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Why The Wine Glass Matters


Some believe that wine can be enjoyed in any glass such as a wine tumbler, coffee cup, solo cup—really anything besides a stemmed wine glass. This is not all true—while you can essentially drink wine in any glass, the taste is not the same and neither is the experience. The wine glass is specifically designed to present the color, taste and aroma, which are all key to experiencing the wine’s best qualities. How does it do this? Let me explain:

The importance of the wine glass is shown through three different key areas of the glass. First, the surface area of the glass—you are supposed to pour your wine up to the widest part of the bowl so that you have room to swirl the wine around-- allowing you to unlock all the aromas. Second, is the aroma collector—which is the area between the wine and the top of the glass which allows you to collect the aromas and make them easier to smell. Lastly, a thin lip— this allows you to get the best drinking experience without the glass being ‘in the way’ and enables the wine to flow in the mouth and hit all the sensory areas of your tongue.  

Now that you know how a wine glass works to improve the wine experience—it’s time to look at the different types of wine glasses. Looking at it broadly, you have stemmed glassware and stemless—while stemless may be easier to store, stemmed wine glasses are preferential to wine enjoyment. The stem is intended to prevent you from leaving fingerprints on your glass as well as preventing you from warming up the wine with your hands. The stem also provides an elegant feel when holding the glass and allows swirling of the glass to aerate your wine and unlock aromas.

Looking at it more closely, there are a variety of stemmed glassware, each used specifically for different types of wine. Here are some of the varietal-specific stemware:

The Bordeaux Glass  
The Burgundy Glass

The Sauvignon Blanc Glass

The Chardonnay Glass


Each glass brings out the varying flavors of the different wines and is key to the wine drinking experience. VoChill understands that the wine glass is central to wine enjoyment—that’s why the founders created it! It’s the first and only wine glass chiller or as some may call it—a wine chilling stand or glass wine chiller. VoChill helps keep your wine at its preferred temperature and allows you to savor and preserve the taste of your wine through your stemware!

 While VoChill fits most standard wine glasses, we recommend the Bordeaux glass (as pictured above) for use. The Bordeaux glass is a versatile glass, that pairs well with all wines. It could be considered the universal glass size as it bridges the gap between larger Burgundy glasses and the smaller bowled white wine glasses such as the Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling glass. There are other nuances to varietal specific glassware such as stem length, mouth opening size, bowl width, and even the slope of the bowl as it approaches the opening lip, but we feel the Bordeaux glass bowl shape and size caters to a wide variety of wine, especially as an “everyday” glass. It is the glass we designed VoChill around -- you can enjoy whites, reds, roses, and even sparkling wine in the Bordeaux glass—it’s just that good!

 With VoChill you no longer must give up your glass to enjoy a cool, crisp and refreshing glass of white wine, rose or sparkling wine from first sip to last. Your wine experience is preserved and never compromised by the taste or smell of metal or plastics. Simply lift your glass from VoChill and enjoy!