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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my VoChill?

Step 1: Before using your Stemmed Wine Chiller, place the Chill Cradle in your freezer for at least 3 hours. When the Chill Cradle is frozen solid, it’s ready to use.

Step 2: When you’re ready to use your wine chiller, simply attach the Chill Cradle to the stand and rest your glass inside.

Step 3: Pour your chilled wine, and lift your glass out of your wine chiller to sip and enjoy!
Tip: If you find your wine is too chilled, simply let your glass rest outside of your wine chiller.

Step 4: When finished, separate your Chill Cradle from the stand, wipe it down with a dry towel, and refreeze it in the freezer — that way you’re always ready for that next glass of wine.

How do I care for my VoChill?

Use a soft cloth to hand-wipe your Stemmed Wine Chiller after each use. Remove the Chill Cradle from the stand and store it in the freezer between uses. When you’re ready to use your wine chiller again, attach the Chill Cradle to the stand and enjoy your chilled pour!

Hand-wash only. Do not place any part of your VoChill in the dishwasher.

Although not necessary with every use, if you wish to separate the ice pack from the outer cup for a more thorough cleaning, simply press inward on the bottom front faces of the ice pack with two thumbs to release the magnetic hold between the two parts. The magnets are pretty strong so you may need to give it a firm press. Wipe clean, dry, and replace the ice pack into the outer cup.

ATTENTION: VoChill Wine Chillers contain multiple small strong magnets. Please keep away from children.


What glass shapes fit my VoChill?

Our Stemmed Wine Chillers are designed to pair with most standard stemmed glassware. See sample shapes below. Wine glasses with a larger than standard bowl, flat bottom, or extra long stem may not be suitable for VoChill. Wine glasses with larger than standard bowls that are wider than 3.75”, or with extra long stems longer than 4.5” may not be suitable with VoChill.

What difference does a degree make?

We believe the perfect wine temperature is based on personal preference, and VoChill is here to elevate that enjoyment. Our Personal Wine Chillers not only keep white, rosé and sparkling wines refreshing and crisp from the first sip to the last, but you’ll also love them for reds too! They will bring a room temperature red to cellar temp in minutes, bringing out the best character and flavor profile of the wine. If you normally drink reds at room temperature, we encourage you to use VoChill with your next glass, and truly experience what a difference a degree makes.

Our suggested wine temperatures:

  • Sparkling + Light-Bodied Whites – 3.3-7.2°C (Ice Cold)
  • Full-Bodied Whites + Rosés – 7.2-12.8°C (Cold)
  • Light + Medium-Bodied Reds – 12.8-15.5°C (Cellar Temp)
  • Full-Bodied Reds + Dessert Wines – 15.5-20°C (Slightly Chilled)

 friends enjoying chilled wine with vochill while at an outdoor dinner