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Wine Experts Agree that Temperature Matters

Wine Experts Agree that Temperature Matters

The temperature at which you serve wine for yourself, or friends matters! Don’t believe me? Well, I’m here to show you that wine experts agree.  Serving your wine at a certain temperature greatly effects the taste of your wine.

Whether or not you drink white or red wine, both have suggested wine serving temperatures. If not enjoyed at these temperatures, you are missing out on experiencing the best taste and aroma the wine can offer. While most people put their wine in the fridge to keep it cool, there is a new product on the market that does the same for the wine in your glass. It is called VoChill!

VoChill is the perfect product to keep your wine at its ideal serving temperature. What is VoChill you may ask? It is a tabletop wine glass chiller that keeps your wine chilled to the perfect temperature for an hour and a half indoors and up to forty-five minutes outdoors. Some call it a wine chilling stand, wine chiller, or a glass wine chiller but we call it a “personal wine glass chiller.”

VoChill is the newest, most elegant way to enjoy your wine at the optimal drinking temperature. It is such a radical idea, people don’t know what to call it, but they are loving it! It’s time to invest in VoChill and see for yourself the difference temperature can have on your wine. See what you have been missing and you’ll never go back!